Photo: Cathrene Westergaard

Photo: Cathrene Westergaard

A five time Emmy Award winner, Bobby Yan is a veteran of the television and music video industry having directed over one hundred music videos and commercials, working with some of the biggest music artists in the world. Honing his craft over the years directing and editing a myriad of global projects, Bobby has established himself as a top level editor in post production, earning a Masters degree from New York University in Visual Effects.

As a Chinese American born and raised in New York City, Bobby was brought up under the influence and diversity of Hip Hop culture, which infuses heavily into his work. A New York City public school kid, he was highly gifted in the arts, picking up painting and drawing at an early age and then later becoming involved with the music industry, becoming a trained vocalist, and singing in several Gospel choirs. His love of film and music combined as one when he went on to direct his first music video, which allowed him to create art with music while telling stories at the same time.

A passionate humanitarian, Bobby became involved heavily with activism during his college years, working alongside the pioneering Asian American activist, Yuri Kochiyama, and serving as one of the original members of the David Wong Support Committee, committed to helping to free David as well as other political prisoners of the U.S. prison system. Under Yuri's referral, he later started working at Third World Newsreel, where he was introduced to many prominent and important independent filmmakers of the time. He also formed the Asian Student Union at his undergrad school, Tulane University, which is still active to this day. It is this degree and passion for justice that has fueled Bobby's career and arc in his work.

As a filmmaker, Bobby is committed to creating and writing work that explores the human existence with truth and empathy, celebrating the inter-connectedness of humanity as a whole, while fighting ignorance and injustice. Marz is his first narrative project that has been developed over many years, and is just one of many stories he will tell.


Salome Mulugeta is an award-winning American storyteller, filmmaker, director, actor, producer journalist, and writer, known for her film Woven; an LA Film Festival World Premiere Feature.  Salome was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  At an early age, she left Ethiopia to attend a boarding school for girls in Bedford,  England, where she won many prestigious acting competitions–including receiving Outstanding Performer of the Year.  She was hailed as a “forceful talent.”

Salome directs and produces commercials and independent short stories. Her Ethiopian Airlines commercial (for the Number 1 airline in Africa) went viral after its release.  She contributes content for the US-based Africa Channel. She has produced and directed shows for "The African Restaurant Week”, “Muziki Ni”, and currently directs and hosts a debut show called, “A Day in the Life of”.  Productions with Coke Studios, Coca Cola extends her multifaceted media and production experience, professionally and internationally, and includes a Coca Cola, Africa, Commercial.

Salome received a coveted role in the acclaimed film, Baby of the Family; a film based on the New York Times bestseller book "Baby of the family."  The film was directed by the award winning Jonee’ Ansa.  Other film roles include He’s Way More Famous Than You.  Salome also served as a reporter for an online TV magazine. In September 2016, Salome was awarded the Achievement and Perseverance Award by the Women’s Journey Foundation, Salome Mulugeta Women's Journey Foundation Award.  Vibe Magazine featured Salome and Woven’s story, Salome Discusses Lessons of Woven, and the My New York Eye awarded her the title, Artist of the Month.


Daniel was born and raised in Queens, NY. Growing up in a diverse cultural environment enabled him to see the world from a completely unique perspective. Later on in life, Cinematography became the tool in which he chose to express himself, his experiences, and communicate his vision to the rest of the world. His passion for lighting and learning about other cultures has greatly impacted his work. Daniel's talent and eye for detail has led him to work on several successful short films and documentaries, and with brands such as Lincoln Motors, Johnnie Walker, and more. The ability to influence others emotionally through visuals is what he finds most inspiring.


Born in France and raised in Cameroon, France and Ivory Coast. Véronique Doumbé has roots in Cameroon (Central Africa) and Martinique (West Indies). She is a narrative and documentary storyteller who wears multiple hats as producer, director and editor.

Her first feature documentary Denis A. Charles: an interrupted conversation (2002) was screened around the world and is now available online on  She has directed music videos and shorts films. Luggage, which she wrote, directed, and edited, was screened at the Short Film Corner in Cannes in 2007. The Birthday Party, written by Sherry McGuinn, won the Best Micro mini Award at Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and the Dikalo Award for Best Short at the Pan African Film Festival in Cannes in 2009.  Woman to Woman (2013) co-directed with her daughter Malika Franklin, is a conversation between NY mothers and their teenage daughters and is available on

She was the editor and co-producer of "Imbabazi: Le Pardon" (2013), Rwandan genocide survivor Joel Karekezi’s first feature. Imbabazi is distributed in the US through Global Lens Series and is available on Amazon here.  Her latest music video, shot in black and white infrared, for the Soul Secrets EP by FaithNY, released on World Wide Vibe Records (2015). She recently line produced “Boys and Girls”, the pilot of a TV series directed by Darik Bernard.

She is currently developing Raising Zuly, a feature-length documentary about a little girl growing up with Down Syndrome in Barcelona with her mother, tap dancer Roxane Butterfly.



Jamaican born Danae Grandison is an independent filmmaker based in Brooklyn. She started her career in design and advertising. In 2011, she won the SVA Audience award for her short titled “Unconditional Love”. Since then she thirsted for more and has recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a Masters in Directing. It was there that she wrote and directed her thesis film [Re] Defined. Danae continues her journey in filmmaking not only as a writer / director but also as a producer. “I gravitate towards discovering the individuals story and the journey of acceptance. I’m interested in exploring stories that capture a culturally diverse world reimagined.”